5 Ways Afaxys GPO Can Help Health Centers Save

Oct 13, 2021
Clinicians in hospital setting working together

When I’m talking to community health center directors about their budgets, the word “comfortable” rarely comes up. There are always too many priorities and too few resources. To care effectively for their patients, budgets seem to always get the squeeze.

Many community health centers count on a group purchasing organization, or GPO, to help them source the products and services they need at affordable prices. A GPO allows health centers to join together to leverage their collective purchasing power to get better discounts.

The Afaxys GPO follows these same principles: giving members more options to deliver cost-effective care. But there are a lot of advantages to joining our GPO, which is dedicated to serving community and public providers.

Here are the top 5 things to know about Afaxys GPO:

  1. It’s free to join.
    There’s no cost to join Afaxys GPO. What’s more, there are no ongoing membership fees. And this holds true regardless of your purchase volume. There’s no minimum spend to be part of Afaxys GPO.
  2. Afaxys GPO can save you money.
    Our leading nationwide GPO team negotiates and secures contracts on behalf of our GPO members for their mission-critical products and services. Afaxys GPO members saved about $16 million in 2020 based on negotiated contract prices from a single manufacturer. Our GPO serves thousands of health centers across the country.
  3. Afaxys GPO can get you best-tier pricing.
    By leveraging the volume of all of our members, we can achieve a high level of negotiating power with a wide spectrum of high-quality suppliers. The result? The greatest selection, pricing and access, with no compromise on quality for a lower price. And that includes contracts for 340B, sub 340B, as well as non-340B products.
  4. Afaxys GPO can give you access to all of the products and services your health center needs.
    Members have access to hundreds of contracts through our nationally recognized manufacturers and service providers and their affiliation agreements. That, along with affiliation agreements with other GPOs, including CPG and MediGroup, provides our members access to contracts for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, business supplies, services, and more.From contraceptives to antibiotics, MRI machines to vaccines, linen services to cyber security, we have everything your health center needs at an affordable price.
  5. We make it easy to order to save you time.
    Our goal is to make your health center as efficient as possible. Our website provides all the information you need to access the contracts, products, and services you’re interested in. We also pride ourselves in offering concierge-level customer service through our sales representative any time at 855-GPO-INFO.

To streamline procurement even further, members can also order through emapp®, a cloud-based purchasing and procurement platform designed specifically for healthcare. Members get one-click access to a range of suppliers, where they can shop to find the best deals. Plus, members don’t have to manually place orders because purchase orders can be sent directly to suppliers in an instant.

If you’re a public or private “not-for-profit” public health provider, including government or student health clinics, or a “for-profit” practice/group that provides safety net services by accepting high volumes of Medicaid, cash and/or charitable care patients, you’re eligible to join Afaxys GPO.

Learn more about our GPO and becoming a member, check us out here.