We Are Afaxys

A Socially Conscious Healthcare Company

Afaxys, whose name is derived from a combination of affordable and access, is a first-of-its-kind, socially conscious healthcare company inspired by the need to solve a public health challenge.

Ronda Dean

Ronda Dean, President and CEO, Afaxys Co-Founder

We stand together in partnership with community and public healthcare providers.

Afaxys Inc., is a first-of-its-kind, socially conscious healthcare company that ensures healthcare providers have stable pricing and reliable access to the products and services they need to care for their patients seeking reproductive and sexual healthcare. We are driven by our mission to ensure reliable and affordable contraceptive care is available to everyone. This mission is embedded in our name: Afaxys = affordable + access.

Every year, more than 31 million Americans rely on community and public health centers to get essential care. Yet, in today’s changing and uncertain healthcare environment, many of these providers struggle to serve these patients because they can’t reliably access the cost-effective products they need.

Our Business Subsidiaries

The Afaxys family of companies operates under two subsidiaries: Afaxys Pharma, LLC and Afaxys Group Services (AGS).

Afaxys Pharma

provides a broad portfolio of branded and generic contraceptives to the public healthcare market. Since 2015, Afaxys has been a leading provider of oral and emergency contraceptives in U.S. clinics.*

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Afaxys Group Services (AGS)

is a strategic sourcing operation that negotiates favorable pricing across a broad base of products and services through its:

  • Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)
  • emapp®, a user-friendly, cloud-based emarketplace and purchasing portal

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Our History

Celebrating more than a decade of healthcare leadership

Ronda Dean


  • Established company on King Street in Downtown Charleston, S.C. to ensure contraceptive supply security for community and public health centers
  • Launched Afaxys Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to reduce costs for community and public health products and services
  • Gained rights for emergency contraceptive ullipristal acetate through in-license agreement
  • Investment by non-profit organizations, foundations, and private individuals
  • Signed contract manufacturing agreement with Famy Care
  • Launched first three oral contraceptive products — Aubra®, Chateal® and Lyza®
Ronda Dean


  • Supported creation of first oral contraceptive telemedicine platform through PRJKT RUBY
  • Expanded GPO to support broader group of community and public health providers
  • Formed strategic co-promotion with Bayer Pharmaceuticals to expand access to IUD products in public and community health centers
Ronda Dean


  • Launched two oral contraceptive products – Tarina® and Cyred®
  • Launched second emergency contraceptive, EContra, establishing Afaxys as a leader in emergency contraception
  • GPO signed strategic eMarketplace partnership with Prodigo
  • GPO reaches across 1,200+ sites nationwide; launched emapp pilot
  • Afaxys Headquarters moved into the Cigar Factory on East Bay Street
  • Afaxys Pharma became leading provider of oral and emergency contraceptives in U.S. clinics
Ronda Dean


  • Established Afaxys Pharma and Afaxys Group Services (AGS) operational subsidiaries
  • GPO expands to more than 3,000 sites
  • Signed contract manufacturing agreement with Aurobindo
  • Formed new IUD co-promotion with a non-profit company to address unmet needs
  • Formed two additional GPO affiliations to further increase access to needed products and services
  • Launched emapp®
Ronda Dean


  • Celebrated 10 years of serving the community and public health sectors
  • Launched five additional oral contraceptive products — VyLibra®, TriVyLibra®, Tri-VyLibra® Lo, Tarina® 24 Fe and Jasmiel®
Ronda Dean


  • Launched MedroxyPROGESTERone acetate injectable suspension IM as Afaxys’ first injectable contraceptive
  • GPO reach exceeds 6,000 health center sites
  • CEO Ronda Dean featured in PharmaVOICE – Women of Influence
  • CEO Ronda Dean selected for Charleston Business Magazine – South Carolina Women in Business Award
  • CEO Ronda Dean named to PharmaVoice – 100 Most Inspiring people in the life-sciences industry
  • Entered into an agreement with TherapeuticsMD to expand access to ANNOVERA® in the U.S. public health sector

Our Values

Our values bring our mission to life.

Our values are deeply rooted inside our company. That’s because our employees created them and hold each other accountable to these standards every day. Even as we continue to evolve alongside our partners, our values will never change. Our Values and Mission are what help us attract bright, like-minded passionate professionals who are focused on doing the right thing.

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Customer Focus

We bring selfless service to life through our customer focus.

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We reveal our integrity by always doing what is honest and ethical for others.

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We inspire teamwork through respectful and transparent collaboration.

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We empower leadership at all levels to hold each other accountable and drive our collective success.

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We continuously innovate, helping us to sustain our growth and meet our customers’ needs.

Our Leadership Team

Decades of experience and a powerful commitment to community and public health