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Public Health Sector Partners

Afaxys treats its customers as partners! We aim to see the customers we work with grow with us. For that reason, we've had great success working with the public health sector, such as large public health organizations; family planning clinics; college and university health clinics; community health centers; and city, county, and state facilities.

stakeholders include:
  • 340B Entities
  • Planned Parenthood Healthcare Centers
  • College and University Health Centers
  • City, County, and State Health Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Federal and Government Agencies
  • DSH Hospital and Other Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Independent Family Planning Clinics
  • Other Providers That Care for Medicaid, Uninsured, Underinsured, and Other Patients in Need of Affordable Products

Afaxys — the Public Health Partner of Choice

Afaxys is dedicated to bringing the best products and services to our mission and the customers we serve. We achieve success through excellence in performance, leadership, and partnership. We know that we succeed only when we enable our partners to achieve their objectives. We are unique in our approaches, strengths, and abilities as well as the way we leverage them and work with our partners.

Afaxys is actively seeking new products, technology, services, and relationships that will benefit our customers and their patients or help us reach and meet their needs. We want to hear about your abilities, ideas, products, and insights and how they can improve or transform public health. With our expertise, focus, and strength in public and women's healthcare, and our drive, creativity, and vision of true partnerships, we deliver the results partners seek.

Contact Afaxys Business Development to learn how working with us will also support your commercial success.