Advancing Affordable Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Access Through Strategic Partnerships: A How-to Guide

Posted by Todd Rodeheaver
Feb 21, 2022

Are you pondering how to reach more providers and patients in the community and public health sector? You are not alone. Many pharmaceutical companies ask for assistance when it comes to connecting with this underserved population, that’s one of the many reasons they turn to Afaxys. We understand the challenges faced by the healthcare providers and patients we serve. Todd Rodeheaver, VP, Strategic Corporate Relationships, weighs in on the benefits of partnering with Afaxys and what leads to a successful relationship: spoiler alert…it’s a shared sense of purpose.

What does Afaxys look for in a partner?

One of the top things we look for in a partner is their understanding and alignment to our mission: to ensure reliable and affordable contraceptive healthcare is available to everyone. We believe access to reproductive healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and everything we do – from our Pharma business through our Group Services subsidiary – reinforces this mission. In addition, we aim to deliver the full range of contraceptive options public health providers need at the lowest possible cost. So, we regularly assess our offerings and look for partners to help fill the openings we see across our portfolio.

What does a partnership with Afaxys look like?

Afaxys often partners with pharmaceutical companies that rely on our expertise to launch or co-promote new products, revive underperforming brands, or in-license a brand to lead U.S. commercialization across their sexual and reproductive healthcare products in the community and public health sector. Our engagement in this sector means we know who to approach and ways to drive action.

First, we ensure our partner’s goals align with our mission. Next, we determine how to use Afaxys’ industry expertise and relationships to further our mutual goals. Then we align on a plan and collaborate closely to achieve our goals. Everything we do is with the needs of providers and patients top of mind.

Can you tell me about a recent partnership – what made it work?

Afaxys is small enough to be adaptable while having a deep understanding of both the pharmaceutical industry and the needs within the sexual and reproductive health sector. Recently, we partnered with a pharmaceutical company to guide them on how to price their product compared to generics. As experts in the community and public health sector, we know the nuances of Medicaid and the pricing of reproductive drugs.

We also have experience with regulatory and compliance processes to bring a drug to market. For example, after a popular reproductive drug was pulled from the U.S. market several years ago, Afaxys partnered to relaunch it in the U.S., managing all aspects of the regulatory process.

What are the benefits of partnering with Afaxys?

With over a decade of success in the community and public health sector, our team brings partnership experience, public health and operational expertise, commercial excellence, and group purchasing power. We can help companies gain formulary exposure and obtain product-specific J-codes which are critical for reimbursement and product uptake, as we broaden access to a product.

What do I need to do to get started?

Think about what you are trying to achieve and then reach out to partner with us. With our help your product can reach its full potential. We are actively seeking new relationships to help us achieve our vision of making access to sexual and reproductive health affordable for all providers and patients and expand our products and services offerings.