Afaxys Position on Women’s Reproductive Rights

May 06, 2022
Group of young people with hands uplifted

Afaxys believes that sexual and reproductive healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Everyone deserves to have reliable access to quality, affordable healthcare products and services. Our mission is and will always be to ensure affordable contraceptive care is available to all regardless of race, sexuality, income, or zip code.

Today and every day, we fortify our belief in reproductive justice. Every woman should have the right to determine the path of her own life, including the decision to choose if, when and how to start or expand her family.

Easy, affordable, reliable access to contraception does more than prevent pregnancy. It is directly linked to improved economic futures and positive social impacts, especially for women who are economically challenged. Control of her reproductive life gives a woman control of her destiny.

Afaxys is deeply committed to our essential role as a leading provider of oral and emergency contraceptives to U.S. community and public health centers and the patients they serve. We are in this together.