Cultivating Our Team to Further Our Mission

Posted by Staci Gouveia
Feb 16, 2023

At Afaxys, we continue to increase awareness of our company and the mission we established on day one – to ensure access to affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare for everyone.

How do we do it? As a small healthcare company with a large impact, it’s our passionate employees who are committed to a powerful mission that allows us to do what we do. The talent and strategic skillsets each individual brings to the team has allowed us to:

  • Focus on our growth plan to expand into new products, therapeutic areas, and customer segments
  • Advance development projects that strengthen and diversify our product offerings
  • Build alliances and initiate strategic agreements that expand access to innovative products
  • Enhance customer reach and support

As Afaxys approaches its 15th year in business, we continue to expand our team so we can serve the more than 14,000 community and public health centers across the United States, most of which rely on Afaxys to obtain access to affordable, quality, FDA-approved products and services needed to care for their patients seeking reproductive and sexual healthcare. Learn more about our recent hires across key functions of the Afaxys business. 

Joey Thomas

Vice President, Technical Development and Operations

Joey joins Afaxys with a vast amount of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, spanning over 25 years. Throughout his career, Joey has supported product development, manufacturing, and supply chain activities.

Joey holds a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, an MPA, and a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from East Carolina University. Joey is driven by the opportunity to help solve the technical challenges of delivering needed medicines and therapies to patients.

Liza Folstein

Vice President, Human Resources

Liza comes to Afaxys with valuable experience from more than 25 years in human resources in both nonprofit and for-profit companies. Liza holds extensive knowledge in improving the employee experience and achieving scalable growth.

Specializing in the life sciences industry for the last 15 years, Liza has previously held the position of VP, Human Resources, and holds a master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Pennsylvania State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus.

Robin Flannery

Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Robin’s background in the pharmaceutical industry and over 20 years of experience in clinical research and science operations, paired with her passion for preventive medicine and public health, has prepared her for her position at Afaxys as Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs.

Robin holds a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from Colgate University, and most recently held the position of Vice President, Clinical Affairs with a focus on infant health.

Rachel Lord

Director of Quality

Rounding out our newest members is Rachel. Rachel brings 15+ years of experience in the world of medical device quality, ranging from large Fortune 500 corporations to small start-ups to the Afaxys team. Rachel is passionate about quality and strives to support the design and development of systems that provide structure without impeding the process.

Her previous endeavors include managing regulatory actions from 483 responses, recalls and import holds. She has also worked closely with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to terminate and lift regulatory violations.


Afaxys looks for individuals who want to work where purpose intersects passion. Servant leadership is a cornerstone of our culture, and we strive to help employees reach their full potential as we work together to improve public health. Visit our careers page for more information on available positions, employee benefits, and the additional perks that come with working at Afaxys.