Message from Ronda Dean, President, CEO, & Co-Founder of Afaxys

Posted by Ronda Dean
Apr 09, 2024

Afaxys is proud to officially call ourselves a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). Different from a traditional, solely profit driven corporation, this legal distinction means a corporation will jointly prioritize its social purpose with its need to operate its business successfully; it also creates a strong basis for long-term value creation and mission alignment.

Afaxys, Inc. was founded in 2008 to assure the long-term, well managed supply of mission-critical contraceptives and other medical products for public health family planning providers.

In 2020, as Afaxys’ business matured, our mission expanded to uniquely partner with those who serve public health patients to ensure access to affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare. While our mission has evolved, our true purpose remains steady – to do right by society – particularly for the patients that rely on the public health system safety net for their essential sexual and reproductive healthcare.

As Afaxys looks to the future, we honor our legacy with this Public Benefit Corporation legal distinction.

The public benefit purpose of Afaxys, Inc. is to advance health equity and contribute to a healthier, more empowered society where every individual has the healthcare resources needed to lead the fulfilling life they choose. Afaxys will ensure access to high-quality products for patients served by public health professionals.

Afaxys started out as a group purchasing organization (GPO), solely focused on affordable access and patients served in the public health sector. As our business has grown and evolved, we have enjoyed seeing other companies join the crusade for health equity. Together, we can and will make a difference because we believe sexual and reproductive healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Thank you for your support and encouragement over the years.

Ronda Dean