About Us

Afaxys, Inc., was founded as a first-of-its-kind healthcare company in 2008 to ensure that the public health sector had reliable access to affordable, quality, FDA-approved products and services they need to care for their patients.

afaxys affordable access

Afaxys, Inc., is a mission-driven, socially conscious business enterprise dedicated to serving the women's healthcare needs of public health providers and their patients. Afaxys, Inc., is comprised of three business subsidiaries: Afaxys Pharma, LLC, Afaxys Group Services, LLC, and Afaxys Marketplace, LLC.

Afaxys' mission is to deliver products and services to public health providers affordably, reliably, and with an unwavering focus on customer service and stakeholder needs.

Afaxys is an emerging leader in the public health sector focused on women by:


the need for healthcare products and services for millions of women dependent on the public health sector.


a full range of quality, FDA-approved products for women that provide the optimal blend of availability and affordability for the people who need them most.


our customers with unwavering focus and dedication.


a reliable supply of quality FDA-approved products at affordable prices to the public health sector.


the problem of unpredictable pricing and unreliable supply.